The Tandem Advantage

Tandem Investment Partners (Tandem) is a Registered Investment Adviser firm that provides disciplined investment management for a wide range of clients. With 90 years of combined investment experience, our team understands the complex financial situations our clients are facing. Whether it is investing for retirement, inheriting a large amount of money, experiencing a change in life circumstances, selling a business, or managing assets for a foundation, Tandem professionals can help. We believe in keeping investing simple by building and monitoring client portfolios in a risk-controlled manner. We will tailor a customized investment process to help solve your specific financial needs.

Tandem is 100% employee owned, and is in no way related to any subsidiary of a bank, brokerage firm, insurance company, or any other creator of financial products. Additionally, Tandem is a fee-only advisor meaning the company derives no compensation for selling or recommending any financial products. This helps to assure clients that Tandem offers completely unbiased advice.

Our main office in Princeton, New Jersey is purposely located away from the Wall Street financial district. We maintain an environment that is free from the sales culture and proprietary in-house products found at many other financial service companies. This allows us to help clients make effective and independent financial decisions in an unbiased manner, free of conflicts.